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light-weight, neat, yet powerful text editor

Why you should choose CotEditor?

Just for OS X

CotEditor is exactly made for OS X. It looks and behaves just as OS X applications should.

Rapid Launch

CotEditor launches so quick that you can write your text immediately when you want to.

Open Source

CotEditor is developed as an opensource project that allows anyone to contribute.


Syntax Highlighting

Colorize more than 40 pre-installed major languages like HTML, PHP, Python, Ruby or Markdown. You can also create your own settings.

Powerful Find & Replace

Super powerful find and replace using OniGmo regular expression engine.

Setting via Click

There are no complex setting files that require geek knowledge. You can access all your settings including syntax definitions and themes from a normal preferences window.

Auto Backup

You don't need to lost your unsaved data any more. CotEditor backups your documents automatically while editing.

Outline Menu

Extract specified lines with the predefined syntax and you can jump to the corresponding line.

Split Editor

Split a window into multiple panes to see different parts of your document at the same time.

Character Inspector

Inspect unicode character data of each selected character in your document and display them in a popover.


Make your own macro in your favorite language, whether it is Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, UNIX shell or AppleScript (and even JavaScript on Yosemite).

Incompatible Characters

Check and list-up the characters in your document that cannot be converted into the desired encoding.

CJK Language Friendly

Estimate various file encodings accurately, toggle to vertical text mode and keep its line height correctly.

We welcome your feedback ♡

Please don't hesitate to report any bugs or feature requests to our issue tracker.

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