CotEditor 4.2.3



  • Make the font size of the find result table changeable by Command-Plus sign (+) or Command-Minus sign (-) while focusing on the result table.
  • Rewrite the algorithm parsing comments and quoted text.
  • Update LaTeX syntax style to improve highlighting.
  • Update the following syntax styles to fix syntax highlighting: DTD, INI, JSON, LaTeX, Markdown, PHP, Perl, reStructuredText, Ruby, Shell Script, Textile, XML, and YAML.
  • Update SQL syntax style to support inline comment highlighting with #.
  • trivial: Change the color names in the Stylesheet Keyword color palette in the color code panel to lower case.


  • Fix an issue by documents with the CRLF line ending that the editor did not scroll by changing selection with the Shift-arrow keys.
  • Fix an issue that letters in the editor were drawn in wrong glyphs when updating the font under very specific conditions.

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