Frequently Asked Questions about CotEditor 2.2

In October 2015, We finally released CotEditor on the Mac App Store. At the same time, CotEditor is also Sandboxed to satisfy with Apple's App Store requirements. This is one of the largest changes since it became open source. It may contain some changes that would make users confused. So, we wrote some FAQs for users who already use CotEditor.

Whole Release Notes for CotEditor 2.2.2

Mac App Store

How can I upgrade to the Mac App Store version?
Just install CotEditor on the App Store.
I don't wanna use apps on the Mac App Store because of some reasons. Is there any way to get CotEditor somewhere else?
Yes. You can still get a non-AppStore version at the archives.
Does it mean CotEditor is available on the App Store for a fee?
Nope. CotEditor is a true freeware, and we don't have any plans with that also for the future.
What is the difference between the Mac App Store version and non-AppStore version?
There is no difference in the software itself except the updater. The non-AppStore version has an updater framework Sparkle to notify new releases while the OS X system manages versions of the Mac App Store version. Other things are exactly the same. Both versions are Sandboxed.


You said I might need some manual migration for CotEditor 2.2. What do I need to do?
CotEditor has been Sandboxed since version 2.2.0. It includes some specification change in the file structure from previous versions to conform to the Apple's Sandbox rules. The migration is basically done automatically, however, some not, since Sandboxed CotEditor cannot touch user's data like before. If you've used the legacy version before, you may need the following manual migration.
If you have scripts in the Scripts menu
The location of the scripts folder moved from ~/Library/Application Support/CotEditor/ScriptMenu/ to ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.coteditor.CotEditor/. Just move the whole scripts in the previous location to the new location.
If you've already installed cot command-line tool
The command-line tool should be re-installed, since the cot command executable is no more bundled to, due to the Mac App Store requirement. So we release it separately. Please download the new one from and install it manually. Note that the previously installed cot is not compatible with CotEditor 2.2.
cot command has been re-bundled on CotEditor 2.3.0. However, since there is no installer anymore and the location has changed, users need re-install it manually. Run the following command on to re-install the cot command.
unlink /usr/local/bin/cot; ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/bin/cot
You may need to modify paths in this command depending on where you've installed CotEditor/cot.
We also continue distributing cot command via homebrew.
Where has the feature to write to files even I don't have the permission gone? It was my “must-feature”…
It's..., it's died 😫. Writing to files that user does not have the permission is strongly denied by Sandboxed applications. There is no workaround as long as Apple doesn't change its Sandbox policy. We're sorry, but you need to give the feature up.
Then why don't you release a non-Sandboxed version? The non-AppStore version does not need to be Sandboxed at all.
Just because it's our decision. Sandboxing is not only for the MAS release but also for implementing other modern OS X features like the autosaving and so on. We are certain that Sandboxing is one of the requirements for a good modern OS X application. We also don't have enough resources to maintain two totally different versions of core behavior.


Is CotEditor 2.2 compatible with El Capitan?
Yes. By CotEditor 2.2, we also set a goal to support El Capitan.