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CotEditor 2.5.4



  • Fix an issue where application didn't work on Mavericks and earlier.
  • Fix an issue where syntax was occasionally parsed wtice on window restoration.

What's New on CotEditor 2.5.3


New Features

  • Add new normalization form “Modified NFD” (unofficial normalization form adopted by HFS+) to the Unicode normalization action in Text menu (Thanks to DoraTeX!).


  • Improve line-height handling with composite font:
    • Remove “Fix line height with composite font” option, and now, the height of lines is always uniform.
    • Update line-height calculation to fix that the line height by “Fix line height with composite font” option was a bit higher than actual line height of the used font.
      • From this change, the line hight will get reduced than the previous versions. Please reset the line-height to your favorite number on the Appearance pane in the preferences.
    • Improve line-height calcuration.
  • Optimize performance to apply syntax highlight to document significantly.
  • Now, the setting changes of status bar, appearance, tab and invisible chars are applied to documents immediately.
  • Update “INI” syntax style.
  • Remove spelling auto correction option.
  • Remove “Delay coloring” option.
  • Enable move between input fields in syntax style editor with Tab key.
  • Apply font-face to font fields in preferences.
  • Apply document line height on “Copy with Style”.
  • Reflect the state of “Increase contrast” option in system Accessibility setting to custom UI.
  • Adjust preferences layout.


  • Fix an issue where wordwrap broke mid-word when a line is indented.
  • Fix an issue where hanging indent reset if font is changed.
  • Fix an issue where some highlight definitions in Comments, Strings or Characters types were ignored.
  • Fix an issue where syntax was always highlighted even if syntax highlight is disabled.
  • Fix an issue where application crashed if empty character is input from the Unicode hex panel.
  • Fix an issue where syntax highlight was rarely not updated when style definition is modified.
  • Fix line numbers position when text scaled.

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