Highlights on CotEditor 3.2

File Drop feature improvements
The File Drop feature settings were renewed. You can set file drop settings only for an indivisual synatx style on the new File Drop pane in preferences.
Cursor position setting on snippet key bindings
You can now speficy the cursor positon after inserting a snippet text with a key binding.
write to console command for scripting
A new AppleScript/JXA command inserting a custom string to the scripting console was added.
More performance optimizations
We reviewed performance bottlenecks on handling large size document (again), and tuned them up.

What's New on CotEditor 3.2.0


cf. Changes from 3.2.0-rc.2.

New Features

  • Improve File Drop feature:
    • Now, you can add a file drop setting only for a specific syntax style.
    • Add description field to the setting table.
    • Draw capsule for variables in the insertion format setting field.
    • Update the default file drop settings.
  • Now, key binding snippets can set cursor position.
  • Add “Surround Selection With” actions to “Text” menu.
  • Add a new AppleScript/JXA command write to console so that users can insert own message to the CotEditor's console.
  • Add syntax style for “Fortran”.


  • Change syntax style detection behavior to set to “None” style if no appropriate style can be found on file opening.
  • Significantly improve the performance of “Replace All” with a large document.
  • Avoid hiding console panel when CotEditor becomes not the frontmost application.
  • Reduce highlight parsing time with large size document.
  • Improve performance of closing large size document.
  • Improve drawing performance of a large size document with a non-opaque background (Not enough good as an opaque one but still better than before).
  • Add hidden “Reload All Themes/Styles” menu item to theme/syntax style action menus in Preferences (visible with Option key).
  • Enable changing text size with a single stroke by pressing and holding Touch Bar's Text Size button.
  • Improve invisible character drawing on a non-opaque view.
  • Improve auto-brackets/quotes insertion behavior with multiple selections.
  • Improve the setting file naming rule for when the name overwraps with an existing setting.
  • Improve condition to insert a closing quote automatically.
  • Improve the encoding declaration detection.
  • Update “Ruby” syntax style to fix commands highlight.
  • Update “MATLAB” syntax style to fix strings highlight.
  • Remove less useful “Inline script menu items into contextual menu” option.
  • Update German localization (Thanks to J-rg!).
  • And some minor improvements and fixes.


  • Fix an issue where the application could hang up when lots of tabbed windows are about open.
  • Fix an issue where the selections after “Replace All” in selection shifted one character.
  • Fix an issue where the document syntax style could be back to the default if the current style was set manually and the document was modified by another process.
  • Fix an issue where the status bar stopped updating after toggling the inspector sidebar.
  • Fix an issue where the “Cancel” button in the dialog shown when changing the Auto Save setting in General pane didn't revert the actual setting state.
  • Fix an issue where author of a theme was not shown in the Appearance pane.
  • Fix an issue where width and height in the window size setting window were swapped.
  • Fix an issue where current line highlight occasionally blinked unwontedly.
  • Fix a possible crash on highlighting matching brace.
  • Fix few memory leaks.

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