What's New on CotEditor 3.2.4



  • Keep showing the console when CotEditor becomes inactive.
  • Make the Key-Bindings for “Bigger” and “Smaller” actions in Font menu customizable.
  • Change to display the first line number even the document is empty.
  • Rename “Incompatible Characters” toolbar item to “Incompatibles”.
  • Some minor UI improvements and fixes.


  • High Sierra: Workaround a system issue where editor views could occasionally not scroll to the end of the document under specific environments on macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
    • for advanced users: This workaround may affect rendering performance by large size documents, because the workaround disables non-contiguous layout on High Sierra (The non-contiguous layout are still used on lower versions). The workaroud will be removed in the future when the bug origin is resolved. You can forcibly enable non-contiguous layout support on High Sierra by setting the hidden default key enableNonContiguousLayoutOnHighSierra to YES in Terminal, although this key is actually for debug-use.
  • Fix an issue where “Reset to Default” action in Font menu was ignored.
  • Fix an issue where matching brace was highlighted unwontedly also by text finding.
  • Fix an issue where the encoding and the line endings in the status bar were occasionally not displayed.
  • Fix an issue where the application froze by getting the content of a large document via the Script menu.
  • Fix an issue where the second value of the printed time in the console was not sexagesimal.
  • Improve general stability.

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