The updater's “Install” button works only on CotEditor 3.3.0 and later.
To update from an earlier version, download archive from and install it manually.

Highlights on CotEditor 3.3

Handle documents on launch in more intelligent way
We improved various behaviors regarding document handling on launch for letting you start working with your documents more and more right away.
Sort lines as you desire
New “Sort by pattern” enables you to sort selected lines by specific column or fully freely using the regular expression. Of course, through a neat user interface.
iCloud document (finally)
We know it's kind of too late, but CotEditor now supports the iCloud document, so that CotEditor has a own space on iCloud, moves files to there easier, and can resolve a file modification conflict visually.
Improvement on the Share featue
Document sharing in CotEditor gets more feature.
More macOS native look & feel
Added small tweaks to the user interface. You don't see any different? Then, that's good. It means it worked.
More international
CotEditor now supports the RTL (right-to-left) writing direction for such as Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi and others. Furthermore, Portuguese localization is newly added.

What's New on CotEditor 3.3.2



  • Fix an issue on CotEditor 3.3.1 where the application could crash on window close.
  • Fix an issue where application crashed when performing “Find All” with the regular expression and without grouping.

What's New on CotEditor 3.3.1



  • Fix an issue where the application crashed on launch under specific conditions.
  • Fix an issue where the iCloud storage was not enabled.
  • Fix arrows in the navigation bar on the vertical text mode.

What's New on CotEditor 3.3.0


cf. Changes from 3.3.0-beta.3.

New Features

  • iCloud document.
  • Open a document in the existing Untitled window that was created automatically on an open/reopen event, if exists.
  • New feature “Sort by pattern,” which enables sort selected lines by specific column or fully freely using the regular expression.
  • Add new setting option “Reopen windows from the last session on launch” in General pane.
  • Add new setting option “including whitespace-only lines” for “trim trailing whitespace” command in General pane.
  • Introduce “Right to Left” writing direction by changing the direction from Format > Writing Direction menu.
  • More integrated Share feature:
    • Share documents with other people through iCloud drive with “Add People” command in the File > Share menu.
    • Enable sharing a document that has not been saved yet.
    • Remove the feature that shares document content text from the File menu (You can still share selected text from the context menu).
    • Other small improvements.
  • Add new commands “Half-width to Full-width” and “Full-width to Half-width” to Text > Transformations menu.
  • Add Portuguese localization (thanks to BR Lingo!).
  • Add the following encodings to the encoding list (To activate new encodings, restore default once in Preferences > Format > Edit List.):
    • Thai (Windows, DOS)
    • Thai (ISO 8859-11)


  • Change the system requirement to OS X 10.11 El Capitan and later.
  • Add clear button to the input fields in the find panel.
  • Gather the “open a new document” “on launch” and “when CotEditor becomes active” options and create new “When nothing else is open:” option.
  • Enable “shift right” and “shift left” commands to process multiple selections.
  • Scroll console view after getting a new message to make it visible.
  • Display sharing window within the target document window.
  • Swap position of “View” with “Format” menu to conform to the Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Move the menu item changing the text orientation into Format > Writing Direction.
  • Display full encoding name in the status bar instead of the IANA charset name.
  • Add tooltips to the Unicode normalization forms in Text menu.
  • Append “Option-Command-T” shortcut to “Show/Hide Toolbar” menu item.
  • Remove “Color Code Panel” command from the “Window” menu (use “Edit Color Code…” command in “Text” menu instead).
  • Remove “share find text with other applications” option.
  • Restore the last viewed preference pane when Preferences is opened.
  • Add an input field for the editor opacity setting.
  • Adjust scroll after toggling line wrap.
  • Add scroll margin to the right side of find panel fields dynamically, so that entire inputs can be seen even when find/replacement result is shown.
  • Update Python syntax style:
    • Fix highlight of string and bytes literals.
  • Tweak acknowledgments window design.
  • Update Help contents style.
  • Some minor UI improvements and fixes.
  • Update Japanese localization to conform with the modern macOS localization rules.
  • Update the internal source code to Swift 4.
  • non-AppStore ver.: Now, the application updater (Sparkle) can download and update CotEditor automatically, as like before CotEditor was Sandboxed.
    • This feature can actually be used first updating CotEditor 3.3.0 to CotEditor 3.3.1 or later.


  • Fix an issue where the word suggestion in the Touch Bar cannot insert a word starts with a symbol correctly, and, therefore, a workaround was added on CotEditor 3.2.3.
  • Fix an issue where character inspector could expand vertically too much with some specific characters.
  • Fix an issue where invisible symbols for control characters were not drawn in input fields in find panel.
  • Fix scroll position in the help viewer on jumping to a help page from CotEditor.
  • Fix some unlocalized text.

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