The updater's “Install” button works only on CotEditor 3.3.0 and later.
To update from an earlier version, download archive from and install it manually.

What's New on CotEditor 3.4.1



  • Copy also the executability from the file permission of the original document when duplicating a document.
  • trivial Improve drawing of capsules for variables in the insertion format setting field.
  • trivial: Adjust preferences panes layout.


  • Fix an issue under OS X 10.11 where the application could crash when an item in the outline inspector is clicked.
  • Fix an issue where the word completion of which word starts with double underscores (e.g. __init__) skipped the second underscores.
  • Fix an issue where the application could rarely crash while typing.
  • AppStore ver.: Fix an issue where the options for the software updater for non AppStore versions were wrongly displayed in the General preferences pane.

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