What's New on CotEditor 3.6.10


New Features

  • Add syntax style for “Kotlin”.


  • Change counting method of the cursor location and column to 1-based (formerly 0-based).
  • Optimize syntax highlight application so that the time displaying the rainbow cursor reduces significantly with a large document.
  • Make editing multiple replacement definitions undoable.
  • Syntax highlight regular expression patterns in the syntax style editor, multiple replacement definitions, and the custom sort dialog.
  • Move focus to the editor when lines are selected by clicking line numbers.
  • Apply update of “Line numbers”, “Page guide” and “invisible characters” visibility options in the preferences immediately to opened documents.
  • Suppress the dialog asking if you want to keep the document when an unsaved empty document is about to close, and silently discard the auto-saved backup file.
  • Change the label of the option “Count each line ending as one character” in General pane to “Ignore line endings when counting characters” (the value reversed).
  • Enable the “Share” button in toolbar also in the Text Only mode.
  • Display also mapping conflicts of interpreters in the syntax style file mapping conflict dialog.
  • Make composition views for the Share feature document-modal also in macOS 10.12.
  • Disable “Hide Toolbar” command for the preferences window.
  • Improve general performance.
  • Update German localization (Thanks to J-rg!).
  • Update cot command-line tool:
    • Accept a negative value for --column option to count from the end of the line.
    • Change --column count from 0-based to 1-based.
    • Improve error message when failed.
    • Fix an issue where the last empty line was ignored when specifying the cursor position with --line option.
  • trivial: Make the minimum width of outline inspector wider.


  • Fix an issue where the final number of the replacement in the progress dialog was occasionally underrated.
  • Fix an issue where the cursor could not be set at the end of the document via AppleScript or cot command.
  • Fix an issue where syntax highlight was not updated in a specific condition when deleted.
  • Fix an issue where line number views did not update when editor is scrolled via script.
  • Fix the preferences pane switching animation under macOS 10.13 and earlier.
  • trivial: Fix a potential issue where last empty line number could be drawn at the first line position under specific conditions.
  • trivial: Fix an issue where editor occasionally scrolled unintendedly when an arrow key is pressed.

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