What's New on CotEditor 3.6.3



  • Assign ⌘⇧[ shortcut to “Show Next Tab” command instead of “Surround Selection with Brackets” command.
  • Treat a logical line, which is delimited by line ending characters, as one line in VoiceOver, instead of a visual (wrapped) line.
    • Thereby, users can now also know the current line number by pressing VoiceOver shortcut VO+F3.
  • Improve the accessibility of user interface elements with VoiceOver.
  • Avoid performing custom sort with an invalid parameter.
  • Display default setting values as the input field's placeholder in preferences window when empty.
  • trivial: Move the focus to the target input field when the clear button in the find panel was pressed.


  • Fix an issue where selected inspector pane was not stored.
  • Fix an issue where initial display area shifted unwantedly if line numbers are displayed lines are unwrapped.
  • Fix an issue where script name was not displayed in Console.
  • Fix an issue where the writing direction (RtL) was not delivered to printing.
  • Fix layout in some localized environment.

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