Highlights on CotEditor 3.7

Multi-Cursor editing
The multi-cursor editing feature has finally come to CotEditor! Now you can insert the same text to multiple places at once.

What's New on CotEditor 3.7.0


cf. Changes from 3.7.0-rc.5.

New Features

  • Multi-cursor editing.
  • Add “Opacity” toolbar item to change editor's opacity.
  • Add “Surround Selection With” > “Square Brackets” menu item.


  • Restore more UI state on window restoration.
  • Delete sequential paces character by character when they are not located at the beginning of a line even if “Expand tabs to spaces” option is enabled.
  • Keep selections after performing “Duplicate Lines.”
  • Remember the last used custom characters for “Surround Selection with Custom Characters” action.
  • trivial: Improve toolbar color.


  • Fix an issue where “Replace All” could fail when the text to find is a combining character such as a diacritical mark.
  • Fix an issue where lines did not wrap correctly with vertical text orientation.
  • Fix an issue where the last syntax style was not applied when an unsaved document was restored from the last session.
  • Fix an issue where auto-completion could cancel suddenly under a restricted condition.
  • Fix an issue where the line wrap width of a split view could be set shorter than the actual view if scroll bars are set to be always visible.
  • Fix an issue where the year in the print header or console prompt was displayed wrongly in specific days (Thanks to Frédéric Blondiau!).
  • Fix an issue where closed windows remained on the memory.
  • Address an issue where selected ranges were set wrongly after updating the document due to an external modification.
  • Fix a possible issue where word counting could be stuck.

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