CotEditor 3.7.6


New Features

  • Add new variable “file content” to File Drop feature to insert the file content when the dropped file is a text file.


  • Apply the change of “show other invisible characters” option immediately to the editors.
  • Add “Hide extension” option to the save dialog.
  • Use the system appearance in the input candidate window even when the theme has a dark background color.
  • Give some feedback about the search result in VoiceOver.
  • Improve the behavior of Opt+Arrow shortcut series to stop the by punctuation marks, such as . and :.
  • Hide unused items in the font panel toolbar.
  • Optimize the performance of finding the matching brace to highlight.
  • Optimize the performance of line number drawing.
  • Optimize the performance of hanging indent calculation.


  • Fix an issue where unwanted whitespace was added for variation selector U+FE0E when control characters are visible.
  • Fix an issue with scripting where regular expression anchors, such as ^ or $, did not match lines.
  • Fix an issue where the “Writing Direction” toolbar item did not work if it overflows from the visible toolbar area.
  • Fix an issue where U+FEFF cannot be input via “Input in Unicode hex” command.
  • Fix a possible crash with continuous U+FEFF characters.
  • Fix a possible crash on macOS 10.12.

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