What's New on CotEditor 3.8.3



  • Restore all of the last cursors on the window restoration.
  • Highlight matching braces for all cursors.
  • Adjust the printing area of vertical text orientation.
  • Update JSON syntax style by adding “.resolved” extension.


  • Fix area to draw text on printing, especially for macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Fix an issue on macOS 10.14 where spaces at the end of the document could not be deleted by delete key.
  • Fix an issue on macOS 10.14 where performing return key just after an open bracket at the end of the document made the application freeze.
  • Fix an issue where the editor theme for newly opened windows did not match to the window appearance when the system appearance was changed after the application launch.
  • Fix an issue where a highlighting indicator showed up at a wrong location when pressing the enter key just before a closing bracket.
  • trivial: Fix French localization.

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