What's New on CotEditor 3.8.5



  • Uncomment comment lines even if the delimiters locate after some indent.
  • Raise an alert when performing find (or replacement) with “in selection” option while no text is selected.
  • Change the Console font to monospaced.
  • Dim the Console content area during the incremental search.
  • Accept importing custom syntax styles with “.yml” extension.
  • Avoid re-parsing syntax highlight when the appearance is switched.
  • Support Dark Mode in the help.
  • non-AppStore ver.: Update Sparkle framework.
  • trivial: Tweak some terminology in the menu.
  • trivial: Adjust the pinch-zoom pitch.


  • Fix an issue where the text color in the status bar was sometimes not updated immediately after switching window appearance.
  • Fix an issue where parsing syntax style files could fail.
  • Fix an issue where uncommenting inline comments failed when multiple cursors locate in the same line.
  • Avoid rainbow cursor when about to display the Text menu while selecting large number of text.
  • Update PHP and Julia syntax styles to remove duplicated keywords.

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