What's New on CotEditor 3.8.8


New Features

  • Add a new “Straighten Quotes” command to Edit > Substitutions menu.


  • Add “Replace Quotes,” “Replace Dashes,” and “Replace Text” commands to Edit > Substitutions menu.
  • Restore the default window size setting in the Window preferences pane.
  • Enable setting multiple cursor points in snippets.
  • Optimize the timing of view updating in some specific views.
  • Optimize some background jobs.
  • Toggle only the checkbox in a table that the user actually clicked and ignore others when the clicked checkbox is not contained to the selected rows.
  • Fold license descriptions in the acknowledgments.
  • trivial: Tweak the visual notification for wrapping search.
  • dev: Replace Differ framework with DifferenceKit.
  • dev non-AppStore ver.: Change the Sparkle branch from “ui-separation-and-xpc” to “2.x”.


  • Fix an issue on macOS 10.15 where document windows had a glitch when a search is wrapped.
  • Fix an issue where the font size of the line number view was occasionally not updated even when text size is changed.
  • Fix an issue where ⌘⇧T shortcut key assigned for “Show/Hide Tab Bar” was ignored under specific conditions
  • Fix an issue where the width of the inspector was occasionally not properly set.
  • Fix an issue where the wrong warning message displayed in the multiple replacement panel even when there is no invalid condition.
  • Fix a possible crash when transforming the case of selection that includes specific character order.
  • Fix a possible crash when a document file is modified by another process.
  • trivial: Fix a typo in French (Thanks to Arnaud Tanchoux!).
  • Improve stability.

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