What's New on CotEditor 3.9.1



  • Increase the size of the invisible space symbol.
  • Adjust the position of invisible symbols in vertical text orientation.
  • trivial: Avoid selecting no item in the snippet setting table.


  • Fix an issue in the syntax style editing that saving existing syntax styles failed.
  • Fix text flickering while pinch-zoom.
  • Fix an issue in the editor where the bottom part of the editor became occasionally not responsive when the editor is zoomed-out.
  • Fix an issue in the find panel fields that carriage returns (CR) were not drawn as line endings but control characters.
  • Fix an issue in the syntax style editing that reverting a modified bundled style through the style editor did not remove the existing user file.
  • Fix an issue under macOS 10.14 that the text in the About panel was black even in the Dark Mode.

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