CotEditor 4.0.4



  • Update Lua syntax style.
  • Update Swift syntax style for more accurate outline extraction and literal number highlight.
  • Update JavaScript, PHP, and CoffeeScript syntax styles for more accurate literal number highlight.
  • Avoid escaping non-ASCII characters to Unicode code points when exporting syntax styles to YAML files.


  • Fix an issue that the application did not terminate when all windows are closed.
  • Fix an issue in the script menu that a script bundle (.scptd) was handled not as a script but as a folder.
  • Fix an issue in the snippet key bindings that shortcuts with only Shift key for modifier keys were accepted though does not work correctly.
  • Fix an issue that the application rarely showed the open dialog on launch even when the user setting for the startup behavior is not “show open dialog.”
  • Fix literal number highlight with Ruby syntax style.
  • Address an issue that annoying dialog that alerts saving was failed could be shown while typing when autosaving is disabled.

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