CotEditor 4.0.6



  • Add “Share” command to the menus for setting files, such as theme, syntax style, or multi replacement definition.
  • Resume “Select word” on top of the document if the search reached the end.
  • Update the visual style of the multiple replacement window on macOS 11.
  • Minimize scrolling when focusing on a text such as text search and outline selection.
  • Improve the syntax highlighting algorithm around comments and quoted text.
  • Revert JavaScript syntax style update in CotEditor 4.0.5 that modifies regular expression highlight.
  • Update the bundled cot command to enable reading large piped text entirely.
  • Update help contents.
  • trivial: Sort themes alphabetically regardless of whether they are bundled or not.
  • trivial: Make the timing to trim trailing spaces shorter.
  • trivial: Tweak Japanese localization in Preferences.
  • trivial non-AppStore ver.: Sign the application with EdDSA signature for update manager (Sparkle).


  • Fix an issue that the document theme did occasionally not change when switching the default theme to “Anura” in Dark Mode.
  • Fix an issue that disabling the “Reopen windows from last session” option did not work if the Auto Save is disabled.
  • Fix an issue on the latest systems that the open dialog could not see inside .app packages although when selecting the “Show hidden files” checkbox.
  • Fix an issue that the visual window state occasionally did not restore from the last session correctly.
  • Fix an issue in the inspector that the content occasionally overlapped with the pane controller above if it is shown when the window opens.
  • Fix an issue that the navigation bar tinted wrongly when the document window is in fullscreen and the editor is non-opaque.
  • Fix a typo in German localization.

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