Highlights on CotEditor 4.2

Treat line endings with every courtesy
Now, CotEditor can handle documents with multiple types of line endings in the true sense. When line endings are inconsistent in a document, CotEditor lets you know and marks them where they are.
Print where you need
The print dialog got the option Selection to the Pages section. It enables printing only the selected text in the document.
Work among multiple machines
CotEditor now supports Handoff to continue working on iCloud documents with a different machine easier. You can also transfer user settings such as syntax definitions to CotEditor on another machine by dropping via Universal Control.

CotEditor 4.2.0


This version contains some specific changes that may require manual migration by users. See Important changes on CotEditor 4.2 for details.

New Features

  • Ability to handle documents holding multiple types of line endings.
  • Alert inconsistent line endings in the document when opening or reloading.
  • List up the inconsistent line endings in the Warnings pane in the inspector.
  • Minor line endings, namely NEL (New Line), LS (Line Separator), and PS (Paragraph Separator), are added to the line endings options (These items are visible only either when pressing the Option key or when the document's line ending is one of these).
  • Add the hidden Paste Exactly command (Command-Option-V) that pastes text in the clipboard without any modification, such as adjusting line endings to the document setting.
  • Add an option Selection to the Pages section in the Print dialog to print only the selected text in the document.
  • Add history to the Unicode code point input.
  • Support Handoff.
  • Export setting files, such as themes or multiple replacements, to the Finder just by dropping the setting name from the Preferences.
  • Transfer settings among CotEditors in different machines via Universal Control by dragging the setting name and dropping it to the setting list area in another CotEditor.


  • Update document icons.
  • Detect the line ending in documents more intelligently.
  • Indent snippet text with multiple lines to the indention level where will be inserted.
  • Improve the scrolling behavior by normal size documents by enabling the non-contiguous text layout mode only with large documents.
  • Optimize syntax parsing.
  • Rename the Incompatible Characters pane to the Warnings pane to share the pane with the inconsistent line ending list.
  • Locate the vertical scroller for the editor on the left side when the writing direction is right-to-left.
  • Print the line numbers on the right side on printing if the writing direction is right-to-left.
  • Adjust the vertical position of line numbers on printing.
  • Restore the characters even incompatible with the document encoding when restoring documents from the last session.
  • Display code points instead of being left blank in the incompatible character list for whitespaces.
  • Update HTML syntax style to display hr elements as separators in the Outline.
  • Add steppers to the font setting controls.
  • Restore the file encoding to one the user explicitly set in the last session.
  • Prefer using .yml for syntax definition files over .yaml.
  • Deprecate the feature to replace $LN in the outline menu template with the line number of the occurrence.
  • Remove original document icons for CoffeeScript and Tcl.
  • Revise text for more Mac-like expression.
  • Update the help contents.
  • Improve stability.
  • trivial: Accept script files for the Script menu with an uppercased file extension.
  • trivial: Replace \n with \R for the newline metacharacter in the Basic Regular Expression Syntax reference.
  • trivial: Tweak Anura theme.
  • trivial: Enable the secure state restoration introduced in macOS 12.
  • dev: Update Yams from 5.0.0 to 5.0.1.


  • Fix an issue that the changes of syntax styles after the launch were not applied to the file mapping.
  • trivial: Fix an issue that the Script menu appeared in the shortcut menu even when no script exists.

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