Highlights on CotEditor 4.4

Count characters in your way
Counting characters in the computer world is actually not simple. There are various units and counting rules for different occasions. The new Advanced Character Count feature provides you fully customizable character count experience.
Scripts shortcuts for syntax
Now you can assign keyboard shortcuts for CotEditor scripts per specific syntax styles.
Support macOS 13 Ventura
Internal update to work well under the latest system and also implement new features on the new system.

CotEditor 4.4.0


New Features

  • Add Advanced Character Count feature to the Text menu.
  • Dynamically prioritize the scripts in the subfolder whose name is the same as the frontmost document's syntax style when the same keyboard shortcut is determined in multiple CotEditor scripts.
  • Add URL Encode/Decode commands to the Text > Transformations submenu.
  • Display a dot in the window tab if the document has unsaved changes.
  • Add the option to draw the separator line between the line number view and the editor.
  • Add syntax styles for DOT (Thanks to usr-sse2!) and TypeScript.


  • Support macOS 13 Ventura.
  • Change the system requirement to macOS 12 Monterey and later.
  • Improve the Find All button only on macOS 13 Ventura (and later) to enable performing additional commands.
  • Store the state of the “Don’t ask again for this document” option for the inconsistent line endings alert and respect it for future open.
    • for advanced users: Now you can also disable the feature entirely within the application by running the following command in Terminal, though it is not recommended:
      defaults write com.coteditor.CotEditor suppressesInconsistentLineEndingAlert -bool YES
  • Deprecate the length property in AppleScript (Use number of characters of contents instead).
  • Support the split cursor for bidirectional languages in multi-cursor editing.
  • Update the CotEditor's setting view in the print panel.
  • Change the location and column count to start with zero.
  • Add the history menu to the regular expression patterns in the pattern sort dialog.
  • Display the error message in the pattern sort dialog if the regular expression pattern is invalid.
  • Improve the algorithm to parse numbers in the Sort by Pattern command.
  • Improve the algorithm of uncommenting.
  • Improve the algorithm of encoding detection.
  • Improve VoiceOver support.
  • Deprecate the “Ignore line endings when counting characters” option.
  • Deprecate the option to hide file size in the status bar.
  • Remove the text length display in the document inspector.
  • Improve stability.
  • trivial: Adjust ticks in the line number view for vertical orientation.
  • trivial: Save documents asynchronously.
  • trivial: Visually adjust the filter field in the outline inspector.
  • trivial: Organize the editor's contextual menu.
  • trivial: Improve the basic regular expression syntax reference.
  • trivial: Improve the status bar display.
  • trivial: Optimize the script menu update.
  • dev: Update the build environment to Xcode 14.1 (macOS 13 SDK).
  • dev: Migrate helpindex to cshelpindex.
  • non-AppStore ver.: Optimize the script menu update.


  • Fix an issue that the empty draft documents silently discarded remained in the Open Recents menu.

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