Highlights on CotEditor 4.5

More convinient snippet feature
The snippet feature has been reworked to handle more snippets more easily.
Inspect scalar by scalar
The character inspector provides more information for characters consist of multiple Unicode scalars.

CotEditor 4.5.0


New Features

  • Renew the snippets feature to enable naming it, changing the order, and performing from the menu.
  • Add the Insert Snippet submenu to the Text menu.
  • Add a new scope “syntax style” to the snippet feature to perform snippets only in a specific syntax style.
  • Add a new variable “selection” to the snippet feature to place the currently selected text to the inserted text.
  • Enable the character inspector to inspect more information about each Unicode scalar that makes up a character.


  • Reconstruct the Snippets (ex. File Drop) and Key Bindings panes in the Settings window.
  • Allow single function key stroke for a keyboard shortcut.
  • Update item order of the Edit menu.
  • Change counting characters/lines/words to count all elements in multiple selections.
  • Change the threshold to trigger the automatic completion to 3 letters to optimize calculation time by large documents.
  • Allow _ as a character for completion candidates.
  • Synchronize the visibility of all navigation/status bars in the application.
  • Optimize the performance of text editing while URL linking is enabled.
  • Make filter highlights of the outline list more legible in the Dark Mode.
  • Update Swift syntax style to add keywords for Swift 5.8.
  • Deprecate the Insert Encoding Name command (use AppleScript instead).
  • Update the help contents.
  • non-AppStore ver.: Update Sparkle from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2.
  • dev: Update Yams from 5.0.4 to 5.0.5.


  • Fix an issue in the search window that an error dialog for invalid regular expression appeared even on incremental search.
  • Fix an issue that the application did not terminate when no documents exist and the application goes background.
  • Fix an issue that the Replace button in the Find window did not select the next match.
  • Fix an issue on macOS 12 that the buttons at the bottom were not aligned.
  • Fix an issue that all URL links were removed when an external process updated the document.
  • Fix the redo action label for the line endings conversion and file encoding change.

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