Highlights on CotEditor 4.6

macOS 14 Sonoma support
CotEditor is now compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma. It also brings out Sonoma's new cursor capabilities, so you can get more writing done than ever before.
Use monospaced/proportional font according to the situation
You can now choose the editor's display font between monospaced and proportional to match the kind of your documents. From coding to daily documents, you can comfortably write with just one CotEditor.
Modern inspector behaviors
The behavior and look of the document inspector is now nicer and more modern.

CotEditor 4.6.0


New Features

  • Support macOS 14 Sonoma.
  • Add the “Kind” option to syntax definitions to set the syntax is for “general” or “code.”
  • Add feature to set the editor font depending of the syntax kind.
  • Add the monospaced font setting to the Appearance settings pane.
  • Add feature to switch the monospaced/proportional font to the Fonts toolbar item.
  • Copy the matched lines by selecting rows in the find result view and performing the Copy command.
  • Add option to disable the inconsistent line endings dialog entirely (not recommended).
  • Add Spanish localization (thanks to Agustin Borrego!).


  • Change the system requirement to macOS 13 Ventura and later.
  • Update the behavior and look of the inspector pane.
  • Add “Use system color” option to the cursor color in the theme setting view.
  • Update the character inspector to add labels for each item and show the Unicode version.
  • Make sure to perform the automatic whitespace trimming every time before explicit saving by the user.
  • Migrate the sharing interface to the modern version.
  • Reorganize the Settings window.
  • Remove the Print settings in the Settings window (Instead, set print settings directly in the Print dialog).
  • Add a font size field to the print dialog.
  • Deprecate the option to do nothing when no document is opened on startup.
  • Deprecate the cursor type option.
  • Deprecate the option to swap ¥ and \ keys.
  • Deprecate the option to comment always from the line head (This behavior is now always enabled).
  • Deprecate the Color Code toolbar button.
  • Update the User Guide.
  • Update the Unicode block name list for the character inspector to Unicode 15.1.0.
  • Update the Swift syntax to add keywords for Swift 5.9.
  • trivial: Migrate the Opacity toolbar item to popover in macOS 14.
  • trivial: Disable the zoom button in the find & replace windows.
  • trivial: Disable the contextual menu for shortcut fields.
  • trivial: Reduce the maximum number of editors to split into.
  • trivial: Change the behavior of the duplication command for syntax definitions to just create a duplicated syntax instead of opening the syntax editor dialog.
  • trivial: Rename “syntax style” with just “syntax.”
  • non-AppStore ver.: Update Sparkle from 2.4.2 to 2.5.0.
  • dev: Update the build environment to Xcode 15 (Swift 5.9).


  • Fix an issue that the Settings window was not listed in the Window menu.


  • The toolbar customization will be reset at the first launch of CotEditor 4.6.0.

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