CotEditor 4.7.3



  • When the file encoding is incompatible with the document content, display a notification instead of silently overwriting the document file with lossy data in autosaving until the user explicitly allows it.
  • Suppress displaying the dialog for saving in an incompatible encoding when the user once allowed it.
  • Update the C syntax to improve highlighting numbers.
  • Deprecate the future to interpret Shift_JIS as Shift JIS or Shift JIS X0213 according to the user's priority setting when referring to encoding declarations in documents in encoding detection.
  • Improve stability.
  • trivial: Improve alert messages for incompatible text encodings.


  • Fix an issue that the application crashed when editing a specific pattern of color code.
  • Fix an issue that the outline inspector was empty and not updated under certain circumstances.
  • Fix an issue that the encoding reinterpretation option dialog is not displayed when the user changes a document encoding to UTF-8.
  • Fix an issue that the saved user syntax definition file was not deleted when a customized syntax was restored to the default.
  • Fix an issue that the initial window size on the first launch was too small.

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