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What's New on CotEditor 2.5.5


New Features

  • Add syntax style for “Git”.


  • Update “Julia” and “Swift” syntax styles.
  • Apply the change of line height/tab width to all split editors so that split editors not focused also can layout text correctly after the change.
  • Optimize text rendering performance a bit.


  • Fix an issue where editor area was not focused when document opens.
  • Fix an issue where width of tab character could be wrong with specific fonts.
  • Fix an issue where selection highlight remained between lines under specific conditions.
  • Fix an issue where the current line highlight didn't update under the specific condition.
  • Fix an issue where unwanted dirt was drawn if use the Google Japanese Input.
  • Fix an issue where file path display in inspector was not updated when document file is moved.
  • Fix an issue where wrong data were displayed in document inspector when a window of an unsaved document is resumed.
  • Fix an issue where hanging indent was applied when document style is changed even it is turned off.
  • Fix an issue where custom syntax style/theme couldn't be removed from the style list if the definition file is already deleted.
  • Fix an issue where “Copy as Rich Text” was enabled even if no text is selected.
  • Fix an issue where URL links were removed when editor is split.
  • Fix an issue where line height broke if font whose editor is split is changed via font panel.
  • Fix an issue where the first insertion was registered to the undo history on opening document with the selection in another application via Services.
  • Fix an issue where the key binding for “Re-Color All” was forced to reset to the default ⌥⌘R if syntax style list is updated.

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