What's New on CotEditor 3.1.2


New Features

  • Add Scripting hook feature for document opening/saving (thanks to Kaito Udagawa!):
    • See “Adding scripting hooks for CotEditor scripts” from the Help menu > CotEditor Scripting Manual > “About Scripting” for details.
  • Support AppleScript's script bundle (.scptd) for scripting (thanks to Kaito Udagawa!).
  • Add a new AppleScript property expands tab for document object (thanks to Kaito Udagawa!).


  • Change the outline navigation arrows direction in the navigation bar if text orientation is vertical.
  • Add tooltips to the line endings menu in the toolbar.
  • Improve calculation of the vertical position of line numbers.
  • Tweak the behavior of the incompatible character table and the find result table to highlight the correspondent range in the editor every time when clicking a row in the table.
  • Update default settings about the visibility of invisible characters.
    • From this change, the invisible character settings can be reset. If so, please reset from the “Appearance” pane in the preferences.
  • non-AppStore ver.: Update Sparkle framework to version 1.15.1.


  • Fix a possible crash on changing document's encoding lossy.
  • Fix an issue where application crashed if syntax editor panel becomes too small.
  • Fix an issue where the print icon in the toolbar didn't work.
  • Fix an issue where editor views didn't update after changing the body font or the visibility of the other invisible characters.
  • Fix an issue where no error message raised when a text encoding reinterpretation failed.
  • Fix an issue where the current line highlight also highlights the last line when the cursor is in the second last line.
  • Fix an issue where the title of the menu item toggling invisible character visibility didn't reflect the frontmost window state.
  • Fix an issue where the text size slider in the Touch Bar didn't update if text size was updated excepting via Touch Bar while the slider is shown.
  • Address an issue with drawing area of zoomed character view in character inspector popover.
  • Fix a typo in the English menu


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