What's New on CotEditor 3.2.1



  • Adjust character inspector position for vertical tab.
  • Update cot command-line tool:
    • Avoid creating an extra blank document if cot command creates a new window.
    • Fix an issue where launching the application with --background option didn't make CotEditor visible.
  • Adjust line height calcuration.
  • non-AppStore ver.: Update Sparkle framework to version 1.18.1.


  • Fix an issue where the File Drop settings couldn't be saved.
  • Fix an issue where the regular expression didn't handle \v metacharacter correctly.
  • Fix an issue where the selection of encoding menu in toolbar didn't restore to the previous one when encoding reinterpretation was failed.
  • Address an issue where the application could crash on document saving or text replacement.
  • AppStore ver.: Fix an issue where acknowledgement window was empty.

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