What's New on CotEditor 3.2.2


New Features

  • Add new NewDocument option to CotEditorXOutput for UNIX Scripting to put output string to a newly created document.


  • Improve Replace All action:
    • Avoid recoloring after Replace All if no text replaced.
    • Improve the progress indicator.
  • Change to highlight matching braces just like Xcode.
    • No more beep for unbalanced braces.
  • Update “JavaScript” syntax style:
    • Add “.pac” extension.
  • Update build environment to Xcode 9 (SDK macOS 10.13).


  • Fix an issue where the Key Binding setting tables were empty on macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • Fix an issue where current line highlight was occasionally too wide when line height is 1.0.
  • Fix an issue where text selection highlight could remain between lines.
  • Fix an issue where the theme customization was not applied immediately.
  • Fix an issue where the hanging-indent was not updated in specific cases.

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