The updater's “Install” button works only on CotEditor 3.3.0 and later.
To update from an earlier version, download archive from and install it manually.

What's New on CotEditor 3.3.3


New Features

  • Add an option “Indent with Tab key” to the Edit pane in preferences.


  • Change the behavior of ⌘← so that the cursor moves first to the beginning of the visual lines, then to the column right after indentation, and finally to the beginning of the line.
  • Remove “Open Hidden” command (Use “Show hidden files” option in the open dialog instead).
  • Display an open dialog on launch if so set even when iCloud storage is disabled.
  • Improve stability on text encoding change.
  • Refine dialog messages on text encoding change.
  • Change sidebar behavior to close inward when it was opened inward because of insufficient space.
  • Avoid requiring high power GPU use.
  • trivial: Hide insertion point in shortcut input fields in the Key Binding pane.
  • trivial: Set a spoken name of CotEditor.
  • trivial: Add enablesAsynchronousSaving hidden default key that enables asynchronous saving.
  • non-AppStore ver.: Update Sparkle framework.


  • Fix a long-standing issue where incompatible characters could not be detected when the length of converted document text is changed.
  • Fix an issue where key-binding setting field sometimes ignored user input.
  • Fix an issue where wrong file creation date and file permission could be displayed in the document inspector.
  • Fix an issue where document files did not forget vertical orientation state when once set before.
  • Fix an issue where the encoding selected in the open dialog last time was unwantedly applied to the newly opened document when a document opened with the open dialog previously had already opened.
  • Fix an issue where menu item title for “Horizontal” (in Format > Writing Direction) was displayed as “Vertical” in Japanese localization.

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