What's New on CotEditor 3.9.2



  • Suppress showing a dialog when opening a file with the “.ts” file extension as it may not be a MPEG-2 Transport Stream file but a TypeScript file.
  • Improve the style and behavior of the add/remove rule button in the multiple replacement window.
  • trivial: Delete multiple replacement rules by dropping items into the Trash.


  • Fix an issue in the multiple replacement definition editing where the result order broke, or even the application crashed when reordering multiple rules at once.
  • Fix an issue in the editor that the cursor skipped the space just after the word when moving the cursor to the next word boundary with ⌥⇧→ or ⌥→ shortcut.
  • Fix an issue in theme editing that the editing color was occasionally forcibly updated in the editor's text color when an editor has the focus.
  • Fix an issue in theme editing that the crashed when setting one of the system's developer colors.
  • Fix an issue in theme editing that the option “use system color” for the selection color could not disable.
  • Fix an issue in theme editing that the values in the theme editor were not updated when the bundled theme currently edited is restored.
  • Fix an issue in the dialog for the pattern line sort that the sample line could indicate a wrong sort key scope when the sort key type is “column.”
  • Fix the feedback animation when dragging and dropping items in a table.
  • trivial: Fix an issue that the the menus in toolbar expended unwantedly after customizing toolbar.
  • trivial: Fix some layout corruptions under macOS 11 Big Sur (beta).

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