CotEditor 4.4.1



  • Rename the Highlight command to Highlight All.
  • Tweak CotEditor's setting view in the print dialog.
  • Update Markdown syntax style to highlight code blocks with indentation (Thanks to Rafael Viotti!).
  • trivial: Improve the text selection behavior with key bindings.
  • trivial: Disable the Select All command when no documents are available.


  • Fix an issue on macOS 13 that the Find All button in the find panel was not localized.
  • Fix an issue on CotEditor 4.4.0 that contents of selection of a document object returned its entire contents.
  • Fix an issue that the application could hang up when the insertion point moved over invisible control characters by the Control-Shift-arrow keys.
  • Fix an issue that the last of multiple insertion points locates at the end of the document was not drawn.
  • Fix an issue that the insertion point immediately exited automatically closed quote marks when the smart quote feature is enabled.
  • Fix an issue that the initial window height could differ from the user-specified setting.

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