CotEditor 4.4.3



  • Optimize performance of find/replace with large documents.
  • Display the concrete progress of the find/replace task in the progress dialog.
  • Draw link underlines on the left side by the vertical text orientation.
  • Update the Unicode block name list for the character inspector from Unicode 14.0.0 to Unicode 15.0.0.
  • Deprecate the option to keep the progress dialog for find/replacement after finishing the task.
  • Deprecate the option not to select the next match after the replacement when clicking the Replace button in the Find window.
  • trivial: Make the target document the key window when selecting a matched line in the find result view.
  • trivial: Tweak the style of headings in menus.
  • trivial: Tweak the setting summary display in the print dialog.
  • dev: Migrate the most of sheets and popovers to SwiftUI.


  • Fix an issue on macOS 13 the total page did not update when changing the print scope option to “Selection in CotEditor” in the print dialog.
  • Fix an issue that timestamps in the Console window do not reflect the local time zone.
  • Fix an issue that the right-to-left writing direction option for new documents was not applied.
  • Fix an issue that the regular expression pattern was wrongly highlighted in a specific condition.
  • Fix an issue that the regular expression find/replace was not performed if the document is empty.
  • Fix an issue that the advanced options view in the find panel could display multiple times when clicking the button repeatedly.
  • Fix the drawing of the editor opacity toolbar item when collapsed.

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