CotEditor 4.4.4



  • Optimize the performance of the Find/Replace All command.
  • Add visual feedback that the search reached the end.
  • Enable walking through all the controls in the Find window by the Tab key on keyboard control.
  • Update C++ syntax style to fix attributes highlight (thanks to Luke McKenzie!).
  • Deprecate the Find Selected Text command.
  • trivial: Reset custom shortcuts for the find commands.
  • non-AppStore ver.: Update Sparkle from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1.


  • Fix an issue that found string in the editor was occasionally not focused.
  • Fix an issue that multiple replacements were not performed if the document is empty.
  • Fix an issue that the Find window expanded unnecessarily in some specific conditions.
  • Fix a label in the Advanced Find Options view.

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