CotEditor 4.7.4


New Features

  • Support the alpha channel in theme settings (Custom themes using alpha channel are not compatible with CotEditor prior to version 4.7.4).
  • Make sections in the document inspector collapsable.
  • Add “Hexadecimal with Alpha” format to the Color Code panel.
  • Add Czech localization (Thanks to Martin Růžička!).


  • Tweak the background color of the “Anura (Dark)” theme.
  • dev: Migrate all the inspector panes to SwiftUI.


  • Fix an issue on macOS 13 that the stepper in the custom tab width view worked only once.
  • Fix an issue that the character code point displayed in the document inspector could be broken when the application is localized.
  • Fix an issue that the custom font size for the outline inspector was not fully applied.
  • Fix an issue that the menu of the Syntax toolbar item could also check the previous one.
  • Fix an issue that a part of the Portuguese localization was not applied.
  • Fix Italian localization (Thanks to Roccobot and DAnn2012!).

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