Highlights on CotEditor 4.3

Say good-bay to the rainbow cursor
CotEditor 4.3 improves the performance of syntax highlighting and file opening drastically. For example, the procedure that required a 2-minute rainbow cursor finishes now just in one second. Now you can open files of more than 100 MB in CotEditor without hesitation.
Search incrementally
The incremental search has come. The Find window starts highlighting the matches in the frontmost document as you type.

CotEditor 4.3.0


cf. Changes from 4.3.0-beta.

New Features

  • Incremental search in the Find window.


  • Drastically improved the performance of syntax highlighting on large documents so that no rainbow cursor appears.
  • Stop displaying the progress indicator for syntax highlight on large documents and apply the highlight asynchronously instead.
  • Optimize the time to open large documents.
  • Avoid re-parsing syntax on printing.
  • Update the style of the search progress dialog.
  • Remove the preference option to disable syntax highlighting.
  • Update Swift syntax style to support Swift 5.7.
  • trivial: Suppress the inconsistent line ending alert in the Versions browsing.


  • Fix an issue that the application crashed with very specific fonts.
  • Fix an issue that the highlights of Find All in the editor remained even when closing the Find window.
  • Fix an issue that the application could become unresponsive when trying to show the file mapping conflicts.

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